Montag, 28. August 2017

Faema Faemina First Serie v1.2 1956

Hand lever Machine for the Kitchen 

Faemina  First Serie  from 1956

Beautiful faemina from the first series.
This Faemina was hardly used.
Chrome is wonderfully preserved.
I could  the machine very well disassembly.

Normally I leave the boiler sandblasting.
in this case, I leave it like this! Hardly lime

The old ceramic switches, wow the best.
Of course,
With time, the contacts become dirty.
So disassemble and clean.

Unfortunately a crack,
But that does not bother the function and the beauty now has more character ;-)

For the faemina I ordered some Springs from Paul / Hong Kong.
Paul very well done!
The spring fits very well!
What I still have to test would be the pressure!

One of the most beautiful hand lever machines

I love the Faemina

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