Nordexpress Perkolator art deco 40s

a Beautiful 

from the Nordexpress
at the beginning of the 40's

the Nordexpress Runs on gas!
I will change it and also install a heater.
Of course, the gas operation will be possible!

The chrome is very well preserved.

The machine is not big,
rather compact.

 But what annoys me is the boiler flange!

Rust over all! Why...?

The beautiful bakelite handles have no damage.

Maybe I will replace it with a brass / copper flange

The original lid is made of steel! really stupid!
totally rusted!

So the fitting out and a new lid.

The gas plant seems to be very well preserved!
I will clean it and re-seal it.
so that we can take it back in operation.

Machine I have donated a 2000 watt heating!

Machine heats wonderfully.
no leaks :-)

Top top
Very nice percolator.
in a dream state and especially she is ready to use

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