Gaggia Achille Review

Gaggia Achille 

Anno 2006

rare to buy yet
especially with all original accessories and still the original packaging.

Great machine, big boiler for steam,
the Gaggia is a two-circuit machine .. also awesome ...
the upper tank is for coffee preparation

What a pity
is the plastic ... :-(

water tank I understand, the handles also ... but the piston guide, which is made of plastic ..

Maybe make a new one on the lathe made of brass

at the same time I will also change the shower plate!

 the current ones are made of aluminum!

 I will install a decent, made of brass.

 when changing the seals for the water level indicator ,,,
Be careful when using the new seals ...

 unscrew the bolts completely unscrew,
they are very pointed at the front

so pointed that they damage the seal

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