Conti Princess Vintage 3 Groups ano 1959 RARARA inc.Match nr.

This machine was in the online game:
GTA San Andreas.

Best friend and in  future ,

business partner.

WOW to believe that you can  buy / discover something there

This Conti I put in my shop

to 3 delicious espresso varieties

The Conti was rarely used

Unfortunately, the right grip, the thread terminated.

So in themselves, the Conti is fairly super obtain

Hope I do not much,
abort to screws.
Otherwise I have to drilling and threading

ups a screw is canceled ;-(

as you can see,
would only establishments by gas

The small parts can first wait

Bolts for BG.
safe side,
make all bolts hot 

Slowly remove any bolts

a surprise!
The match nr. in frame

is identical to the serial number from the Front

The BG all need new springs.
a BG needs a new leader pin!

Not bad,
have one in stock :-)
Used but Top

The Conti is in a dream state.
Isolated, clean until the last corner.

nothing new chrome.
Patina here and there, no matter who is not young :-)

 first pressure

And the rest of the machine,
Now she is in the store

not just stand around!
it makes the espresso and co.

The new filter holder are on the move;-)

After four months of continuous operation!
A Small Tuning,

beautiful crown

 220V / 2650 watt
Boiler about 14 liters
45 min Conti is ready

Machine gets a stronger illumination.

 Conti gets modified springs from me :-)


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