crazy espresso machines

the eighties were rather by design.
Just as the coffee machine
this blog is dedicated for such machines
so then let's get started:
Cremabar   1 group 
Tipo: C82
Design is very havy ;-)
because they wanted to appeal to Vespa driver

what interests me is the content

a weight of about 7 kg

e61 filter holder fits well!

 Water reservoir 2 liters!

 machine has two solenoid valves! 

So if that's not good quality what else?

Unfortunately, the pump is defective.
first replace then we'll see

a Beautiful Afra from Spain

 I think anno 1945-1955.

 The marble slab to machine,
  just great

The beautiful brass plates in different colors

The coffee making running like a Pavoni

Afra is not chromed !!!
but rather silver

 Right rare hand lever machine From Onex

This machine is similar to the Faema Velox wall machine


Only that it has a boiler of about 2 liters.
The Onex was installed complete in the wall, Origi. it has no cladding.
Have her Tentative Disguising

i instal. a spec. Spring
strong and perfect pressure

what surprises me is the eagle!
I know only by elektra

the shield is from me!
not original but better than naked


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  1. Tolle Kugel - und kann auch noch espressi!
    Da können sich heutige Plastikautomaten mit
    Alu-Helferchen mal nen Beispiel dran nehmen....


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