Guillaume Princess

princess arrived and already Disassembled

until the last screw!

All parts supplied for sandblasting

 The classic ! broken screws :-(

Now with something I expect always

 So make hot and put it

frame is as far
  feet still attached


everything is here!
Now we can build the lady

and now the little parts!
i cleaned all parts via Hypersonic ;-)

looks good 

 test for the first pressure,

Unfortunately, there is a hairline crack in the  weld seam

 So boilers dismantle,
and eliminate the error!

 6 cm long seam !!!
I wonder how that's Happened

Boiler is back!
Now we can make a new pressure test!
hope without cracks

Of course, the brewing unit is cleaned by ultrasound

Special-Seals for the BG!


pressure gauge

the pressure indicator
I could save.
Works perfect.

The cabling is ready so far.
I still miss a vacuum valve

I am looking forward to the first shot

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