Faema Mercurio for Ostencoffeeculture

Faema Mercurio

What can you say to the machine
the condition for many years,
is well preserved ,
almost perfectly preserved

Could unfortunately not find the date or a stamp.

I think 1954-1956

 Disassembly of the machine was quite fast!
20 min.

the Mercurio was for the most part in gas operation

The heating is almost new!
the boiler can be seen, which was only operated gas.

 Wonderful condition.
The Mercurio has been well serviced.

the small parts get a hand treatment

small parts cleaned by hand.

Boiler by sandblasting! Clean as new.
By the way, with lemon acid, it is also good!

Do not forget, it produces a chemical reaction!
Heavy metals, etc. that is 6-8 times by flushing.

20 mm Armaflex isolated.
Rewired, overhauled Pressostat with mercury.

Super better than new! Turns off at 1,4bar and after about 15 minutes at 1 bar it switches on again.
Wow insulation is always worthwhile :-)

 drip tray for the vent valve 

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