Unic 2 Groups Lever Vintage

My best wishes to Jean-Luc

With a heavy heart,
you have separated yourself from that machine.

The memories of this machine your memories.
I let them come to you again.


The machine was well cared

here and there, after so many years makes the color by

oh 6 franc gratuity

Dream Machine, have so long sought after.
and now she's here

In the first place, I want to look at naked

no rust, no damage.
everything can be dismantled well

Gas facility is very clean.

but here!! because someone did what

The Unic has built wonderfully

The surprise is in the boiler.
the last water remains inside.
Everything calcifies

 first the broken screws
Remove and possibly Thread cutting

easy 1 1/2 kilo removed lime

the unic was operated on gas.
Accordingly, the heating is like new

All new Threaded positioned correctly
uff I am happy.

here and there even lime film.
I removed my hand away

a good treatment.
she creates even the 100 years

everything was easy, now comes the difficult!
The brewing heads

The Unic is built with integrated gas conditioning and electrics.
the lass so, will give both a service.
Boiler I have isolated Still.

First Test...

no pressure switch was installed :-(.
so it gets one from me

 The only thing missing, springs
Unfortunately no found
am with good hope that I still get;-)

just wonderful.
first boiler pressure

no leakage

Lighting get front and the rear site

hope you're happy.
the 6 france tip I've found, I lay back.
but first I will take them in operation for several weeks.
Better pictures will follow.
  Greetings to your wife and am looking forward to see you again  


after such a long time ,
I have the Unic  in operation

into less than an hour it was ready

Of course, to get more.
but runs like a cat on the hunt

Quiet and clean

lighting etc. is underway.
let yourself be surprised

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