La Cimbali Rubino 1 Group Handlever Vintage

L aCimbali Rubino

Anno 1962

Machine was in use until last year!
And that operated by gas

Machine is in the dream condition.
Everything has to go off!

Original heating from the year 1962

Like New

the heating was not even once in operation

Classic M15 brew group

Wow the boiler is super clean ....

Over 50 years in operation and barely lime!
Cool, the old owners have taken good care of the machine

All parts Sandblasted,
Looks like it's new.

The bolts can now be better machined.

Properly hot and unscrew

The Chrome tread is super-preserved

 and now the screw!!!

Originally the Cimbali Rubino has no feet

So I took the devices feet from a conti

Looks good

The rubino I have a vacuum valve installed!
With drip tray

Now I'm waiting for a new heater!
The old was broken


i Search so long

and now i find a heating element  !

you need some heating element for you machine ?
contract me

i find that the equipment feet
 of the Conti well fit

Original the Rubinois not on a Light
This dead space i have so replaced 

Just like the device feet

So you can look wonderfully  under the machine 

The next step is the First shot

The Machine works on 220v/ 1800 Watt

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