Lever Machine for the Wall Vintage @ Faema Velox Style

Absolutely in top condition.

This machineaccording to my opinion,
was no more than 2-3 Used.

Boiler / water heater is made of brass  
with a water content of about 2 1 / 2-3 liters.

At first glance, no pressure switch!

The heater is controlled via the thermostat.

First look!

Piston seal 51.87 mm × 39.46 mm.

the handle of the lever

Thermostat ?

The heater is like new!
No lime no damage.
Ohme values are good.

 what surprised me:
lever group

The spring looks like new.

Beautiful eyes:-)

top condition.
The small parts I will clean ultrasonically

 The best results,
no crumbs, no fat.

beautiful old pressure switch.

Disassemble, clean and re-seal

boiler descaling, purified and isolated

The wedding can begin.

The cladding is provisional on it.
first had to a pressure.!

Now I can start with the first pressure test

It looks very spartan.

No leak at the boiler, no damage.

Have they tested to 1.6 bar, perfect.

Now I have the pressure to 1 bar.
at the end it is still too much, but we'll see

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