Guillaume´s Faema Urania 2 Groups Vintage first serie

you have time to send me a jewel.

in a great condition the Urania.

I have an idea for the lighting :-)

Sometimes it is better to unscrew the screws without chemicals,
just heat them.

Caution this will be very hot! Gloves are necessary

The heavy parts are down!
now the rest goes fast

The small parts get as always a special processing treatment

Unfortunately Mercury Pressure switch was already defective.

the BG have on the side a manual outlet valve

I have to check the valve in detail

the seal should be ceramic or bakelite

well preserved panel.
i will add neon light to make it looking nice

It is highly recommended to use copper paste during assembly

The Level for water block was unfortunately too short

now i fix it :-)

the boiler is ready so far.
until the frame is finished I begin with the boiler .

 stamp with name and date

2600 watts should be enough for good operation of the machine

The new springs are slightly different than the old ones

 The new springs fit correctly :-)))

I will definitely get the gas burner in fonction

la marzocco filterholder bottomless.
fits perfectly into the BG of Faema

The first Start!

it is only a piece of sheet metal but the effect is super. 
Great insulation, but will install more

i installed urania and  a  vacuum valve

there was an opening free at the front, so i installed  control light
Now the valve is there
  to cool the BG after long standing.
or for faster warming the BG

You could also take hot water from it.

I serviced the same type of machines and I can confirm that there is a pipe
linking the valve to the water collector and passing through the front panel.

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