Faema Lambro Vintage one Group gas /electricity

Beautiful Vintage
Handlever Machine from


 Model Lambro
small machine for Night Business  in the bar
ore for small Office 

And for the Kitchen in hour house ;-)

the lambro is in very good estate 

Orig. works the Lambro to gas!

make a upgrade to


so you can use both!
Gas and Electricity

Classic weakness 

but should not be a problem!
since i still have a boiler 

that is a boiler from the Conti.

which must be soldered.
this parts goes with it.

The device feet i will replace 
I think that of  Urania

the last decades have only been
operated  by gas

they will also convert to

the frame looks new ;.)

The boiler of the lambro
is very small
3-4 Liter 

i love the gas operation 

a beautiful look in the dark

i need a little bit fine tuning  

a little detail  :-)

Yes I know the pink does not fit.
It will still change

Navy blue with a breath gold

The lever recording ...
I could not save the old one

So I have a new used recording

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