La Pavoni Concorso 2 Groups Hydraulic Vintage Diamond

what a machine

Hydraulic system alla 2 groups

is on the way :-)

what can I say:

just crazy

ever good that she needs only one water connection
The Gaggia Automatica need two connections

it missing lot of parts
the machine has been dismantled, but again poorly built up!
 not have dared them to build

perhaps we will a couple?

before me was someone else off!
here and there missing screws ....

Boiler cover has been solved.

Unfortunately missing in the second heating !!
as the whole screw

I'll upgrade the machine in any case!
Vent valve, pressure switch, put the gas heating to run.

The hardest part of the machine, the brewing groups

The machine has long been in operation.
Lime has taken root everywhere.

slowly you can build the machine


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